NGOs can achieve its goals fast with the help of data analysis tools.


NGO | BI SOFTWARE – data analysis tools Read about NGOs, its working and interrelation with data analytics –data analysis tools NGOs, also known as nonprofit organizations, satisfy a very critical position as they seek to accomplish social tasks. They’re in a unique position that allows them to look social want and react to it in methods…

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business analytics solutions


  Importance of business analytics solutions for telecom industry.  Read about different uses of business analytics solutions and their relevance with telecommunication industry. Telecommunication industries are experiencing growing heat of competition and a downtrend of their ARPU (Average sales with person). The sales have reduced exponentially. There was a vast shift of bargaining from the…

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Business data discovery tools


  Business data discovery tools: Uses and Advantages. Summary: Read about business data discovery tools, advantages of using data recovery alternatives and several ways of doing the same. In the digital age, big quantities of data are being generated and stored electronically. Every day, thousands of information statistics pages are being created, transferred and stored…

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