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Position of an Accountant in Contemporary Business Organizations

In addition to usual book keeping and other very ordinary accounting tasks an accountant plays an enormous role in modern organizations. To play an immense role many other accounting jobs like auditors, book keepers, tax accountants and that should assist the chief accountant.


A Role Model in support of Entrepreneurs: In the modern business organization, a chief finance controller acts as a role model in support of entrepreneurs. By performing his finance recording masterpiece (with the help of other accounting jobs) and by turn out to be an expert in finance controlling, he reveals the technique to entrepreneurs.


Helps to initiate of Business Organization: There are loads of operations in a business organization; like administration of employees, marketing, sales, production, and management of accounting records & cash flow. An accountant needs to be an all rounder in all these business aspects.


Expert in handling Accounting Software effectively: The chief accountants in modern business organizations should be aware of all the software related to finance controlling and how to utilize them in different accounting jobs.


Manage and calculate taxes of the company: Performs company tax operations widely.  


Acts as a Financial Advisor: All the accounting jobs in an organization help the chief financial controller to play a vital role on behalf of the organization by providing financial advises based on the analysis of records prepared by his staff.   


Helps in Investment choices: The chief financial controller of a modern business helps the company in improved investment decision.


Be responsible for organization’s public relation:  To record, maintain and publish accurate accounts to the stakeholders of the company and then by to maintain public relations is one of the main responsibilities of accountants.  


In addition to the above duties accounting jobs perform the following duties too:


  • Internal Auditing
  • Providing financial and business statistics to the management board

Play a major role in waste reduction or cutting off unnecessary costs of the business

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