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sat prep | sat test – Scholastic Aptitude Test


SAT- A dream for every student

Every Student who wants to study in the USA will be aware of the admission test SAT. 1926 was the year when SAT was introduced as the standardised test. The SAT is a private non-profit organisation.

Timing and structure:

The SAT test as of 2005 takes 3 hours and 45 minutes. The scores range from 600 to 2400. It contains three major sections. The main objective is to test whether the student is ready for college with reading and writing. The other major section which most students find difficult is the Mathematics. It is further divided into 10 sub-sections.

The equating section will be provided with extra 25 minutes. This section may be in any of the three major sections. Depending on the score of the experimental or equating section the questions ranges from the typical three types. The timing for mathematics is 70 minutes, writing section is 60 minutes and 70 minutes reading which is denoted as critical reading.

The help of Calculator in Math section:

CAS calculator is allowed for mathematics section. it is really important to note that calculator is only allowed for the mathematics section and not for other sections.

Redesigned Vision for upcoming exam:

The SAT council redesigned the version for the upcoming exam in 2016. On 5 March 2015, the council announced the revised version. It consists of 1600 – point scale. The timing has changed to 3 hours with additional 50 minutes for the essay. The essay part is optional.


One can take SAT exam seven times a year in the US and 6 times in other countries. The registration process is so simple.  The test dates are static. The test will be conducted on the first Saturday for all the seven attempts of the year. You can take SAT several times a year since the attempts are not limited. Best Preparation will lead to the best score.


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