GRE exam | GRE sample test | GRE biochem

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GRE Exam: Preparation, Training, and Practices


GRE exam | GRE sample test | GRE biochem

GRE exam is an entrance test conducted for students to take admissions in the U.S., the UK and Canadian graduate schools. It is a multiple choice exam specially designed to test the verbal, analytical and quantitative skills of test-takers in limited time. The GRE Score, along with some other evaluating criteria, plays a vital role in the admission process of a student. The GRE exam involves three important parts: verbal, quantitative and analytical writing ability (AWA). The score in verbal starts from a minimum of 200 and continues up to a maximum of 800. The same applies to the quantitative part as well. However, in analytical writing ability, the scores range between 0-6. Hence, it is important that a GRE aspirant familiarizes himself thoroughly with the test format of all sections.

Strategies for Antonym

To crack the antonym’ section, the test takers must have a thorough command of vocabulary. In each antonym question, the test-takers are presented with a question word followed by five answer words. They have to find the answer word that is the exact opposite of the question word. First, they should find the meaning of the question word. Second, they should try to find its usage. Third, the test takers should search the opposite significance of the question word amongst the answer words. Here, they are to match the meaning of each answer words with the sense of the question word to find the exact antonym. Then, depending on the process of elimination, they have to eliminate the words whose meanings are not exactly opposite to that of the sense of the question word. In the process if one word is left out and the test takers are ignorant of its meaning, then it is assumed to be the correct answer; if two answer words are left then, the test takers have to recourse to an educated guess to get the answer.

Let’s Talk About the Scale

The explanation on GRE exam scores scale will certainly help you while you prepare for this exam. This exam is the most important one in the lives of many students who aim to enter prestigious universities to study the courses in which they have done their high school or college studies. The students are hopeful of getting a good placement after passing out of the University. Finally, we conclude that GRE scores can be the turning point in your career and hence enrolling for online tutorials would not be a bad idea at all. There are certain rules and regulations as of how to approach the GRE exam that can be learnt in the online tutorials. However, consistent preparations practice and faith in one’s talent is also essential to clear the GRE with flying colors.


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