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Administrative Jobs 101: How to Deal With Your Boss

Different jobs propose different responsibilities and opportunity to deal with the boss, such as an

HR executive that have greater probability in talking with boss compared to a software program.

If you are involved in administrative jobs, you have to learn how to deal with their personalities

to give them a good reply and save yourself from arguments.

Learning The Principles

Of course, no one said that learning the principles of dealing with the boss and getting to know

the administrative jobs better is not easy. After all, the boss is on a higher footing, and,

therefore, has the power to throw thousands of questions for the basic things to puzzle or

perplexed employees. Boss personalities are classified in various categories including, the

authoritative, everyman and egocentric boss. If you are into administrative jobs, you have to

understand each personality to deal with them accordingly.

The Three Types of Boss Personalities

To deal with your administrative jobs better, you have to know the three types of boss

personalities. An authoritative boss speaks about the manner of knowing the details and how the

task is to be done. If you want them to appreciate you, ensure your boss that you will complete

all the assigned tasks together with the complete details. All his answers must be answered

completely in the best possible manner. The next type is the egocentric boss, which is less

cooperative and self-motivated. This type is not that interested in suggestion or feedback on any

issue and wishes that the processes or things should be done as per their instructions. Everyman

boss is easy going and provides staff a space to speak freely. This is the most convenient but they

are often weak in leading the group.

If you want to excel in administrative jobs, you must understand your weakness and make use

it to their advantage through leadership skills when you feel that the decision taken is incorrect.

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