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standardized exams like SAT, GRE AND GMAT and differences between them.


  The right way to get started with SAT, GRE AND GMAT. Exams are designed to evaluate student’s intelligence and different abilities. They are a prerequisite in getting an admission into any academic organization. Anyone acquainted with academics has heard the name of SAT, GRE and GMAT. What are they? What purpose do they satisfy?…

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toefl test | Test of English as a Foreign Language – TOEFL


  Importance of TOEFL scores.  Read about TOEFL registration process, necessary tips for clearing the exam and elements of the same. TOEFL scores are essentially required via students who desire to study in English nations and live in countries where in English is a foreign language. Registration is the first step towards the TOEFL. TOEFL…

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strategy planning | data warehousing – BI Software


  BI Software First let’s find out what is BI: BI or business intelligence is a combination of software applications, business systems and methodologies that play an important role in the strategy planning of an organization. Now, we all know that a corporation collects its data from various sources. And keeping track of this data…

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GRE sample test | Graduate record exam – GRE


   Are you ready for your GRE?  Read about various sections of GRE examination and different factors of understanding before actually getting ready for it. Are you analyzing on your GRE (Graduate record exam) score? What if you may discover a good way to have a great impact in your score -after which study the…

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 Easy tips to pass GMAT examination.


AWA | GMAT practice test | GMAT examination – GMAT Read about GMAT examination and some tips to pass this high level examination without any difficulty. Being a Masters Business Administration (MBA) degree holder means you have got a great schooling. And one of the most crucial criteria to be taken into consideration to take an MBA program…

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BI tools | olap | bi software – business intelligence tools


  BI software – Investment options for business intelligence tools.    Read about numerous investment options related to business intelligence tools and small business investments. Business Intelligence tools investments do not comply with contemporary data desires especially those created by way of marketing. Not easy to believe but really, it’s common scenario everywhere. For creating…

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data analytics | data mining software – data discovery tools


 Business data discovery tools, data analytics and user experience Read about what are the different tools of business data discovery, and several efficient ways to use them effectively. As opposed to standard BI answers which can be constructed on hierarchical of pre-aggregated records defined with the help of IT, business data discovery tools put the…

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Business Intelligence as a path towards success.


  BI tools | OLAP | bi software – business intelligence Read about business intelligence as an effective approach to gain more profits and some ways to use its benefits. Each business desires to be successful. “Business Intelligence” can assist an organization gain new clients and hold old customers. It is abbreviated as BI. A formal definition of…

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 NGOs can achieve its goals fast with the help of data analysis tools.


NGO | BI SOFTWARE – data analysis tools Read about NGOs, its working and interrelation with data analytics –data analysis tools NGOs, also known as nonprofit organizations, satisfy a very critical position as they seek to accomplish social tasks. They’re in a unique position that allows them to look social want and react to it in methods…

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business analytics solutions


  Importance of business analytics solutions for telecom industry.  Read about different uses of business analytics solutions and their relevance with telecommunication industry. Telecommunication industries are experiencing growing heat of competition and a downtrend of their ARPU (Average sales with person). The sales have reduced exponentially. There was a vast shift of bargaining from the…

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